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Jesse Collier Sutterley is a documentary film director and editor from the San Francisco Bay Area. Sutterley was the editor of the award-winning feature, Ultimate Sacrifices: Cpt. Jennifer Moreno and award-winning film From Mexico To Vietnam, as well as a handful of short films, Buck Southworth,The Bataan Death March to name a few. As a historian Sutterley deeply enjoys retelling the stories of our past and collecting our shared histories to be preserved for future generations. His work has mainly focused on grief and the human experience around loss. Aside from his work as a filmmaker Sutterley works as a graphic designer and photographer throughout the United States and is currently finishing his Master Degree in film at San Francisco State University.

Recent Editing Credits
Director/Editor -- Velda: A Mother’s Story of Suicide    -- Short
Editor --          Conte: Transitioning Politics         -- Short
Director/Editor --              RUIZ                     -- Short
Editor --      Ultimate Sacrifice:Cpt.Jennfier Moreno    -- Feature
Editor --             From Mexico to Vietnam             -- Feature  
Editor --              The Forgotten War                 -- Feature
Director --          A Collection of My Father           -- Short 
Editor --                 Buck Southworth                -- Short

Director/ Editor --     The Bataan Death March           -- Short 

Post-Production Supervision
Films listed below have been distributed to Amazon Prime, Kanopy, Alexander Street, Infobase, PBS and Journeyman under my supervision.

Korean War Experience  --           Season I      -- Series
Vietanm War Experience --        Season I & II    -- Series
Iraq War Experience    --           Season I      -- Series
Second World War Experience --   Season I & II    -- Series
First World War Experience  --      Season I    -- Series

Buffalo Soldiers:Victorio,Manifest Destiny  -- Short Film
Guy Hircefeld, A Guy with a Camera          -- Short Film
Brevet Major Pauline Cushman-Fryer          -- Short Film
Fallen Brother: Lt. Cmdr. Che Barnes        -- Short Film Pride of the Buffalo Soldiers               -- Short Film Zoe Dunning:Repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell -- Short Film Rory Fanning: From Ranger to Resister       -- Short Film Jackie Speier:Sexual Assault
in the Military                             -- Short Film

The War to End All Wars               -- Feature Film
The American War                      -- Feature Film
Objector                              -- Feature Film
Madame Mars                           -- Feature Film

Editing Reel

Ultimate Sacrifices: Cpt. Jennifer Moreno (Feature)

The Bataan Death March (Short)

The Forgotten War (Feature)


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