Documentary Film Maker and Photographer

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Documentary photography from the streets of San Francisco to the beaches of Portland Maine.

Poster & Album Cover designs

Video Production

Editing and Cinematography


Born in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from San Francisco State with a bachelors degree in History minoring in Journalism. Jesse has always been passionate about history and what it means to understand our past as well as one another. He is formally the Editor-in-Chief from Diablo Valley College‚Äôs newspaper, the Inquirer, and was nominated for best cover design by JACC. He has shot more than five short films, and two feature documentaries and is known to spend his late night hours in the editing room. His passion for film and story telling took him on a journey across the United States by train where he tried to show America through a view finder. He has also published a street photography magazine “19th Ave.” now in its third year. 

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