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Jesse Collier Sutterley is a director and editor with El Dorado Films. Sutterley directed the award-winning short, The Bataan Death March (2021), and award-winning film From Mexico To Vietnam. Currently Sutterley is working on a series of films about the Montford Point Marines as well as distrobuting a feature film on a Chicana soldier.

Recent Editing Credits
Editor --      Ultimate Sacrifice:Cpt.Jennfier Moreno    -- Feature Film
Editor --             From Mexico to Vietnam             -- Feature Film
Editor --              The Forgotten War                 -- Feature Film

Editor --                  Madame Mars                   -- Feature Film
Director --          A Collection of My Father           -- Short Film
Editor --                 Buck Southworth                -- Short Film

Director/ Editor --     The Bataan Death March           -- Short Film

Post-Production Supervision
Films listed below have been distributed to Amazon Prime, Kanopy, Alexander Street, Infobase, PBS and Journeyman under my supervision.

Korean War Experience  --           Season I      -- Series
Vietanm War Experience --        Season I & II    -- Series
Iraq War Experience    --           Season I      -- Series
Second World War Experience --   Season I & II    -- Series
First World War Experience  --      Season I    -- Series

Buffalo Soldiers:Victorio,Manifest Destiny  -- Short Film
Guy Hircefeld, A Guy with a Camera          -- Short Film
Brevet Major Pauline Cushman-Fryer          -- Short Film
Fallen Brother: Lt. Cmdr. Che Barnes        -- Short Film Pride of the Buffalo Soldiers               -- Short Film Zoe Dunning:Repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell -- Short Film Rory Fanning: From Ranger to Resister       -- Short Film Jackie Speier:Sexual Assault
in the Military                             -- Short Film

The War to End All Wars               -- Feature Film
The American War                      -- Feature Film
Objector                              -- Feature Film
Madame Mars                           -- Feature Film

Editing Reel

From Mexico to Vietnam: My Father’s Story (Short)

The Bataan Death March (Short)

The Forgotten War (Feature)


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